Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base (face wash) Review

Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base

Hello Pretties!

Monsoon is already here and my skin has started showing oil, greasiness, rashes, and breakouts. I have oily to combination skin where my T zone gets super oily during summers which is why i always need face washes that are meant specifically for oily and acne prone skin. Though i have my own favourites for that but i am also always open and sincerely lookout for different oil clear face washes. And today I will review a product from Vicco this is Vicco turmeric cream with foam base. I thought it will be a skin cream in a new version like the way earlier there was vicco Turmeric skin cream but this is actually is a face wash which has been named as Vicco turmeric cream with foam base. This claims to clear, pimples, blackheads whiteheads and other skin problems.

About Vicco:-
Vicco is a brand, we all have seen since our childhood days. Its one of the oldest Ayurvedic brands that has gained the trust of many Indian women over the past decade. With too many brands up in the market claims their products are Ayurvedic but , Vicco has finally expanded their line and has introduced the Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base and its proven authentically ayurvedic

Price of Vicco turmeric cream with foam base: It is for 49 Rupees for the smallest pack and Rs. 80 for 70 gms.

Product claims:

Its Ayurvedic formula with microbicidal properties of turmeric is extremely beneficial as an effective medicine for the prevention and cure of pimples, blackheads and oily skin with every wash. It also helps in preventing and curing skin infections, rashes and allergies.


It comes in a white plastic tube packaging contrary to the Vicco’s standard yellow packaging. The tube comes inside a white-blue-gold carton box, where both box and the tube bear a prominent turmeric design on top and the product name written in bold. I really like this packaging as it looks more classy and attractive than the yellow one. The tube comes with a screw cap on top which shuts tightly and hence is quite travel friendly.

Texture and ingredients:

The face wash is dark brown in color and has a gel like consistency. The formula of the face wash is easy to rinse off. The smell fades away soon once the faces is washed with water.

The main ingredient is extract of Turmeric. Turmeric is effective in treating acne and pimples because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Turmeric is also beneficial for oily skin since it controls excessive oil secretion. It also reduces skin pigmentation and signs of ageing.

How to use vicco turmeric cfream with foam base: Take pea sized amount. Splash the face with water and rub the foam face wash on the face. Cleanse for 1 minute then rinse with water.ake pea sized amount. Splash the face with water and rub the foam face wash on the face. Cleanse for 1 minute then rinse with water.

I have been using this face wash for a month now for cleansing out my face and I am very much satisfied with this Face wash . It requires just a pea size amount to wash the entire face. Hence the small tube lasts a long time. It lathers quite well and is very easy to rinse. It gives a cooling effect upon applying and even stays for some time after washing. I have oily skin and my T zone gets super oily in summers which is why i am always on a lookout for an oil clear face wash. And this one removes all the oil and dirt effectively and gives a squeaky clean face. After every wash, I found my skin looking clean and even toned. Skin feels smooth, refreshed but not dry and my face remains oil free for good 2-3 hours. It also really helps on my break outs and acne, and i have noticed it minimizing the acne bumps and pimples on my face. It also clean up pores well and does not cause any irritation to the skin.

The face wash works on every skin as it helps in cleaning out the oil from the face , Though, this face wash also clear and control blackheads.Its a vegan and cruelty free face wash..


My Word:

I surely recommend the Vicco turmeric cream with foam base for all skin types as it is an affordable and effective face cleanser. It thoroughly cleans out oil, dirt and deep seated impurities from the skin. It also helps in minimizing and reducing the appearance of acne and breakouts on the face. Its Ayurvedic formulation does not cause any harm or allergy to the skin. The face wash is unisex and can be used by both men and women. An

Rating: 4.8/5 (Easy availability in the local drugstores, cosmetic store and online makes it an easy and worth buy)

Below Find the links from where u can buy the product




Do I recommend? Yes, it is very economical and does its job of cleansing without irritating my skin. Particularly I like the refreshing feel this face wash gives. If you can overlook the incomplete ingredients and exaggerated claims, this is a great buy.


Review : Pee Safe Intimate Wash, Moskito Safe Scare-Away Patches

Hello Fam !!

How you all are doing?

Few days back I got these two products from Peesafe. So without getting take more time get talk about it .Travel is not just about a destination, it’s also about all that you need in that destination. And the main reason I carry some products with me as the body needs different things in different geographies. I have no intention of running around and wasting time when I could be doing happier stuff such as exploring the destination!

Pee Safe Intimate Wash

While travelling is a fun thing, or so it seems, it does take a toll on your physical health. Getting hygienic conditions can be a challenge at times. And that’s when intimate wash turns out to be a happy solution. But it’s not just travel, also during the menstruation for women. The constant flow of blood does prove to be discomfort, sometimes there is a pungent smell too. And a clean vaginal area in those days is a must. Living in a tropical country with heat and dust, we do tend to sweat often and need more baths. So, there are a lot of reasons for me to like this intimate wash.

On the usage: Its alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free and has witch hazel and tea tree essential oil. This is an Ayurvedic formula with no chemicals. All this means that the freshness lasts longer and it’s not harmful to the sensitive area. The bottle being small, it’s also easy to carry around. Besides, you only need a few drops and it lasts for a good 10-15 days.

Price: INR 180 for 105ml
Available at:

Moskito Safe Scare-Away Patches

While Odomos is normally the better-known product, I am all for trying natural ones for scaring away the stingy mosquito. I have tried the patches on my bed for days now. And they truly work. The patches are made up of citronella, lemongrass and other essential oils. They don’t have a pungent odour nor are they harmful. The effect of one patch lasts for 12 hours which means you can easily sleep the night away. This would prove really useful for those who love camping and hiking.

It’s also safe for children and is DEET free. They can be stuck on any surface such as clothes, bags, strollers and cots. And you don’t find any glue mark on the fabric.

Price: INR 199 for 30 patches

Available at:

Take care



Hello Pretties,

How are you all? Hope guys are fine.. Lucknow is heating so much so Plss keep yourself safe using good products n drink lots of water to keep hydrate the body.. Honestly I have always preferred winters over summers. But one can’t deny that summer style is the best! Who needs layering when you can flaunt those worked out arms and abs in the flowy summer clothing. Talking of work outs, I have recently joined a fitness class where we mix cardio with yoga. . I’m also looking over my diet which really just means eating a lot of home cooked meals and skipping everything packaged and imported. Seasonal and local food is the best when you are watching your weight. If you want me to talk about my diet and fitness in detail then let me know and I will do a post on it.

I have always had inhibitions with maxi dresses. Thats why you have never seen me in one before. Short girls and maxi dresses don’t really gel together..that was what I used to think. Now I think its all about finding the right cut and shape. Maxi dresses with a lot of flare are a strict no no. Also length is important while picking a maxi. Here are some tips for you to pick the right maxi dress if you are petite:

1. Go for smaller patterns and lighter colours. Big prints overwhelm our petite frame.

2. In terms of dress length, go for maxis which fall right below your ankles. Or even longer if you are going to be wearing high heels. Anything short will cut out your height. Mine here is 2-3 inches longer than me. You can always tied up the extra length in a know while wearing flats.

3. Opt for maxi dresses which are clinched not at waist but below the bust. That would give you a longer structured frame.

4. Mine is not clinched but has a very structured fit with flare at the bottom. Makes you look leaner and taller.

Since I wanted this look to be very relaxed and summer appropriate, I went light on accessories mustard colour Maxi with a light necklace. To complete the look I wore kholapuri from local market . Also kholapuri make you look smart!

Maxi dress: Myntra / Shoes: Local market / Necklace: random

What’s in my Glamego April 2018 Box ?

After the launch month box last year, I subscribed for my second Glamego Box this month. Long time I know! Over a period of this one year, Glamego has improved a lot, not only in terms of packaging, in terms of products as well. I honestly feel this the only ‘value for money’ Beauty subscription Box in India. Although they have increased the price from 199 INR to 399 INR from the first box, you can get the box at 299 INR if you go for a yearly subscription. Anyways, I received my Glamego April 2018 Box yesterday, after 9 days of placing my order. That’s not the fastest delivery. But still acceptable.

Moving on to the packaging, it’s classy and sassy. Totally lovable! Each month, they design the box with different themes and I’m totally liking this month’s Lime Colored Box. The box is also sturdy and strong and comes with a magnetic lock. I’m surely going to re-use it to store my accessories. This box also came in a Glamego printed carton box which was also neat, unlike some beauty boxes which come in crumbled, poor quality cartons. I can see they have revamped the box in a more attractive and neat way. Look how the firstGlamego Box looked!

Coming to the products, the Glamego April 2018 Box has 5 products. They usually have 4 products but last Glamego March 2018 Box had 5 products as well. Are they going to have 5 products going forward? If so, then I guess I’ll have to subscribe for their yearly plan.

Products inside the Glamego April 2018 Box

  1. Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturizer Stain
  2. NELF Aqualite Fairness Compact Powder with UV & SPF 18
  3. Tjori Wild Turmeric Anti-Tan Treatment
  4. Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit
  5. Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream with Grapefruit & Vitamin C

  1. Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturizer Stain

This is the highlight of the box. The Island Kiss Lip Stain has been on my wishlist for so so long, and this was one of the main reason for me to get this month box. This lip stain/balm alone costs 499 INRcovering the cost of the whole box, so I didn’t really mind what the other products were.

This lip balm has so many good features to boost about. It’s safe, organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic, petroleum free, tinted and has sun protection as well.

My only concern while subscribing – there was no option to select the shade, so I was a bit skeptical of receiving a non-tinted shade. But luckily, I got this Foxy Red Shade. It’s a beautiful red shade and the pigmentation is something I didn’t expect from this exclusive lip balm brand. Yes, it’s superbly pigmented and gives an amazing hue to my lips. I think it’s time for me to get rid of those lipsticks loaded with chemicals and get the other tinted shades in this range

2. NELF Aqualite Fairness Compact Powder with UV & SPF 18

Next is this compact from NELF Cosmetics. I already have the NELF Foundation and NELF Eyeliner from my Fab Bags. NELF is a an affordable cosmetics brand that is receiving some great customer reviews in the recent times.

I was given an option to pick the shade and I went in for the ’02 Ivory’. I’m yet to try this out. The only thing I noticed – the packaging is a bit flimsy and looks a little bit cheap. The other two products I have from this brand aren’t like this though!

It claims to have a super smooth, oil free, ultra fine, lightweight formula. It says it’s not comedogenic, hypoallergenic and suitable for everyday use. It has an SPF of 18. But the fairness claim alone is a big turn off. Why randomly name it as Fairness Powder. People are going to buy it if the product is good, even if it doesn’t make them fair.Phew!!! It retails at 350 INR for 9 gm product.

3. Tjori Wild Turmeric Anti-Tan Treatment

This month’s box have been curated keeping in mind of the fast approaching summers. Hence a De-Tan Face Pack from Tjori. This product would certainly come handy for hot sunny days.

have seen this brand Tjori come up on my Facebook and Insta feeds as advertisements, but never intended to try them. Tjori claims to be a natural brand. As far as the ingredients of this product, it contains only natural ingredients and the face pack being in a dry form also affirms its natural claim. But don’t ask me about their other products! I don’t really know!

Tjori Wild Turmeric Anti-Tan Treatment contains Kasturi Manjal, White Turmeric Root, Natural White Clay, Bentonite Clay, Fullers Earth and Essential Oils. This product smells predominantly of Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Wild Turmeric. This retails for 525 INR for 50 gms.

4. Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit

Next up, is this Gold Facial Kit from Vedic Line. VLCC is the only brand that I’ve experimented with facial kits. I’m yet to try any kits from other brands. This Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit looks quite promising with ingredients including Saffron Extract, Niacinamide, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. This kit promises to give you lustrous and glowing skin. It retails for 350 INR.

The kit comes with 6 sachets. A cleanser, scrub, cream, massage gel, pack and a moisture Serum with SPF. From the look of it, I could tell these would come for more than one usage. So once opened, storing them for future use is going to be difficult.

5. Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream with Grapefruit & Vitamin C

This is the last product in my Glamego April 2018 Box. It’s a bonus summer product. I thought I would receive the Seaweed Clay Mask as in previews. But I received this cream, so I’m a little disappointed. I have the gel mask from this same range of Grapefruit & Vitamin C, which I didn’t like much.

This nourishing cream also contains Fractionated Coconut Oil which is comedogenic and is likely to cause acne. So I’m skipping this product. This is a sample of 20 ml which retails for 150 INR. There is no manufacture or expiry date mentioned on it!

Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream with Grapefruit & Vitamin C

Concluding, except the nourishing cream, all the other products were good, especially I’m loving the lip stain so much. Glamego has always given us the opportunity to try out various quality products at affordable prices. Most of the products they send out every month are really good and it’ll be great if they keep up this work in the long term.

On other note, I have seen some people complaining about their service and delivery. This has happened for its competitor Fab Bag too. But personally I haven’t had any issues with both the subscription boxes and have had a smooth experience receiving them in scheduled time. And just so you know, these boxes are not sponsored and I use my personal account to book any subscription. So I believe majority of the customers receive them on time, may be except a few as per the complaints!

From my point of view, I would recommend this super affordable beauty box any day! It is totally worth buying.


ELIZE PREMIUM SANITARY PADS REVIEW (Now Elize change the name Carmesi)

My Rating-5/5

Hey Girls!!! Recently I came across Elize Premium Sanitary Pads in the Fab Bag and today I am going to review it after trying. Although I am a loyal customer of Stayfree but being premium pads I thought of trying them. Nowadays all the brands always bring something new resolving the concerns of a women. Moreover there is a great market competition in organic cotton pads vs regular cotton pads. I feel we should always be open to try new products which can be beneficial for our health. Elize Premium Sanitary Pads are made up of natural cotton which are soft and light weight to ease that 5-6 days of our month.


Each Elize pad is contained in a zip locked disposable bag which is extremely convenient to carry, and prevents the entry of any foreign matter. It is an easy and clean way to dispose your soiled pads, without having to look for tissue papers and polythene bags. The subscription is further packed in a blue sturdy box.

Elize Sanitary Pads – XL…

Shop now

Elize Sanitary Pads – XL (8…

Shop now

Product Description

Pads no longer get locked inside cupboards or hidden away in drawers. They proudly occupy a space on your dressing table inside the chic Blue Box. The superior absorption, XL size and wide fan shape at the back prevents any kind of leakage. The top sheet that is in direct contact with the skin is made of natural cotton. It is extremely soft to the skin, and facilitates an irritation-free experience. The bamboo charcoal anion strip aids in the release of negative ions which help relax the mind and body. Its microscopic-sized holes absorb harmful matter and bad-odour particles. Additionally, it has more than 400 kinds of carbonated and oxidized minerals, which have great medicinal benefits.

How to use

Just draw the fresh pad from the disposable bag, enclose the soiled pad inside it, press the zip to lock it again, and dispose it in a dustbin. Price

• Trial Pack 10 Pads INR 349

• 3 months 30 Pads INR 1299

• 6 months 60 Pads INR 2499

• 1 year 120 Pads INR 4799

My Experience with Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

The zip lock disposal bag is most attractive features of this product as there is no need to carry paper or bag for disposing the pad. The pad is further glued to plastic cover which seals it. On pealing the cover, I was impressed with the length of the pad as I have never come across with this much pad length. As per my requirement length is the most important aspect which I always look for as it prevents leakage from backwards while sitting or sleeping. The double wings in the pad at front and back keeps it stable at it’s position. Moreover the pad is super thin and soft in material making me feel of not wearing anything. The charcoal strip at the point of heavy flow absorbs the liquid immediately and prevent the pad from stinking. Although these pads are very long lasting for heavy flow days but I prefer to change the pad after every 4-5 hours. On the other hand, the cost of the product might be the concern as a lot of good cost effective products are available in the market. Long lasting becomes secondary at times when it is advisable to change the pad after every 3-4 hours. In conclusion it is the best option to use during the first few days, while sleeping or when you are at a place/event where you cannot change the pad after few hours.

PROs of Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

• Long lasting

• Double wing

• Zip lock disposable bag

• Thin, soft and light weight

• Perfect for heavy flow days

CONs of Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

• Bit expensive

The Beauty of India- Himachal

My beautiful North India tour

Hello sunshine’s,

How are you guys doing?? I hope everyone is shinning in their own way. I am here from the himachal tour as this is my first Travel post in my blog. I am very exited to share lot of stuff and also lots of love to you guys. As himachal pradesh is well known for its natural environment, hill stations and temples. There is no dearth of pleasant surprises that welcome you when you step into himachal. In fact, each hamlet hidden in the remotes nook and corner of this natural abundance holds a great reservoir of excitement.

Beas River

The river rises in the Himalayas in central himachal pradesh, India and flows for some 470 kilometres to the Sutlej river in the Indian state of Punjab. the sounds of the flowing water and the coolness spreading by the river is very amazing.

Here are the beautiful pictures clicked at the beas river

Sollang Valley

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_01_10 +000015193080708374

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_03_00 +000015193081807528.jpg

Rhotang pass

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_04_07 +000015193082475077

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_01_10 +000015193080708374





After manali, we travelled to Kullu this valley is famous for its temples, beauty and its majestic hills.

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_55_23 +000015193113234579.jpg

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_56_02 +000015193113621324.jpg

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 14_56_32 +000015193113923117.jpg


Kasol is situated in parvati valley on the way between bhuntar and manikaran. It acts as a base of trecks to malana and keerganga. It acts as a base of trecks to malana and keerganga. The keerganga trecking is way too high though enjoyed the sightseeing and the special thing about keerganga trecking is that the dogs guides you the way which is so amazing totally in love with the keerganga trecking.

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_11_30 +000015193122903475.jpg


winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_10_08 +000015193122087105.jpg


winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_09_31 +000015193121718244.jpg

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_10_33 +000015193122336947.jpg


Keerganga trek

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_18_41 +000015193127211097

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_15_45 +000015193125456666.jpg

winkl_blog_image2018-02-22 15_16_38 +000015193125981843.jpg


So, finally there is lot more stuff to share with you guy but the whole day will not be enough to share the moments which I enjoyed. My beautiful souls <3, I am planning for few more blogs till then keep reading the stuff which I shares in my blog and do not forget to subscribe so that you guys will not miss the moments of my life which I am going to share and do follow on Instagram for all the updates and keep in touch with me. Take care 🙂

Loads of love

Love you XOXO!!

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review & Swatch-

Hey my lovelies!

Not everybody likes the idea of oiling their hair & particularly in times like this when most among us working women rushing to work every single day, staying with their oiled hair up in a bun is quite unthinkable. Enter the new products called oil replacements ^_^ Pantene has very recently come up with their own version of it & that is what I am going to review today.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review

What Pantene Says-







Price: 85/- INR for 80 ml & 150/- INR for 180 ml

My take on the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement-

The new product comes in a sleek, golden plastic tube with a golden flip-top cap which makes this easy to use & stash it into your bag anytime, anywhere. Goodbye leaky oils!

The product is whitish in color with a creamy-gel consistency which is very easy to spread on the lengths & ends of my damp, washed hair  Since I have very thin hair, I only need a very little bit & apply it on my hair before combing through it. It instantly detangles my hair & I have noticed lesser hair fall due to breakage while combing.

After my hair dries, I love how sleek & soft it feels along my frizz controlled to a large extent ^_^ It smells amazing as well & is not weighed down at all. On the very first day though, I used a blob of the product & my hair immediately felt sticky & went limp. So, a little goes a long way!

I have also tried it actually in place of my oil as a pre-shampoo mask before washing my hair & I must say it left my hair feeling & smelling so great ^_^

The fragrance is amazing as I have already mentioned  It is the typical Pantene fragrance which I have always loved & I love how long it lingers in my hair 

Pros of the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement:

1> Very convenient & travel friendly tube packaging with flip-top cap.

2> Non-sticky cream-gel texture- easy to apply.

3> Acts great as a leave-in after a hair wash to control frizz & smoothen out my hair.

4> When using it as a pre-shampoo mask, it made my hair very soft & silky 

5> Amazing lingering patent Pantene fragrance.

Cons of the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement:

Of course it cannot be a replacement of hair oil in terms of nutritional benefits like hair regrowth & all.

A little too much can weigh down your hair & make it go greasy

Contains alcohol and parabens

Swatch of the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement-

My Rating: 4.4/5!

Do I recommend the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement?

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement is a very good option as a leave-in for your just washed hair mostly & when you are travelling  I hate to travel with any oil because be what it may, it always ends up leaking  This oil replacement acts great both as a pre-shampoo mask & a leave-in, smells amazing & is very affordable & travel friendly-yeahh it’s coming on my trip! Recommended!

Soon to come with other blog

Lots of Love ❤️❤️

Swati singh by Feedthefashionface (FTFF)

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray Review

Hello Fam!!

Girls what do you hate about traveling? For me its using public washrooms.  It’s unhygienic, smelly and there is a chance of catch infection.  I recently received a package containing 2 bottles of PeeSafe – Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. I was more than delighted to try this.

About PeeSafe:

• PeeSafe acts as a disinfectant and keeps you away from bacterial infections.

• It Protects from bathroom borne diseases.

• Cleanses & Sanitizes  the seat from germs and bacteria.

• 99.9% bacteria & germ protection.

• Dries Quickly within 5-10 seconds of spray.

How to use the Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray?

The Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray is easy to use.

•Shake the bottle

•Spray on toilet seat keeping a distance of 25cms

•Wait for 5 seconds

•The toilet seat is now germ free and ready to use.

Where to use PeeSafe?

Toilet Seats, Toilet Tops, Flush handle, Door knobs, Faucets etc.

Price 120 Rs for 40ml

Best Before 3years from mfg date.

My Experience : I carry this spray along with me in my bag. It is easy to carry since the bottle is tiny & light weight and it fits in my sling bag.  This comes in very handy while using the washroom at college, restaurants, theaters etc.  The 40ml of bottle lasts up to 75 sprays which is quiet decent.

From my personal experience, I highly recommend Pee Safe. It has made life a lot more easier and toilet trips less worrying. I am now sure of complete protection from germs and infections with this safety can. It cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes the toilet seat making your rest room experience wonderful. A must for all the girls on the go!

Buy It Here: & @nykaa

Tattaahhh !!😘😘😘😘😘

Soon to come with something different ❤️❤️🙈🙈

Everyday hacks for Oil free hair

Hello Girls,

Its an everyday story to get late for school or work! No extra time to apply those lashes or mascara, we are stuck with a big problem: Should we wash our hair?

*_*Common Morning Notions we face:

Its too oily, but I am getting late:~<

I just don’t feel like washing them, but I have an important presentation today :-0

My hair get too fizzy post wash, I cannot wash them :”(

Well, I have some super easy everyday hacks for you girls which you can adapt for your everyday life and skip shampoo a lot of times,

1 Dry Shampoo :  Most of us already know about this, dry shampoo helps to dry out oily greasy hair. Its available in a lot of brands like Bblunt, Loreal, etc. The only  negative part about dry shampoos is the fact that they contain a lot of chemicals, so use them only when you really need to go somewhere urgent.

2 Talcum Powder: This is a great substitute to dry shampoo, it dries out the hair and removes greasiness. Apply it overnight so that you can have oil free hair in the morning. This can be used for 2nd day hair.

3 Cocoa Powder: This is used as a dry shampoo for brown colored hair. I love using this hack!

4  Part your hair: If you do center parting or side parting, you can change your parting style, that will help hide oily greasy hair.

5 Hairstyle: You can make a puff in the center and then tie them at the back. Avoid making tight ponytails as they can make your hair look super oily.

Ideally, you should wash your hair twice a week, frequent washes will make it greasy very often.

Do try these hacks and share the message :*


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