Will You Happily Accept a Rape Survivor

Just Because She Is A Rape Victim, Does She Not Deserve A Happy Life?

It is sad that there are a number of people out there who only think of a woman as a mere object of sexual gratifications. Backing up to this is the number of rape cases each day seen in the country. The aftermath of this situation brings out an absurd turn of focusing on the victim being wrong than that of the rapist. The world then bullies the person who has been affected the most.However, that being said, there are blessings to the victims in terms of people who have shown them light when all they could think was the trauma that they have been through.

Ever wondered what really goes on in her head during the act?

While being in that situation, the person’s first reaction would be to scream out for help and fight. However, this is not always the case. Studies show that while some might be rebellious but some are shocked during this situation and freeze. The studies also show that how mentally withdrawing oneself from the situation when the physical withdrawal is not possible is a defensive tactic of the victim from which she protects herself from the pain she goes through. Shamefully, there are people who look at the freezing and withdrawing from the situation as a sign of being okay to being raped by the rapist.

When he pulls it out and zips it up.

It is the thinking of the victim where she finally thinks she can escape. However, there is a thought in her conscious mind whether her rapist will let her free. Once she is free, she looks for safety and runs for her home. While escaping, various thoughts would keep coming up to her mind. Earlier, where she was defensive, her mind thinks of it as a rebellion now. It falls short when she reaches home and looks at her family.

To tell or not to tell.

Each survivor reacts to sexual violence in her own way. Some express their emotions right away, whereas, some try to keep everything inside. It is important for a person to respect each survivor’s choices. Forcing to tell what is wrong might just further cause problems.

Rape trauma syndrome.

Rape trauma syndrome (RTS) is the psychological trauma which is seen in a rape victim which leads to disruptions in physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal behavior. Therefore, this stage is the most important stage where the victim can be made or broken. It is extremely important for people to support and be for the victim at all times.

After a few months of reconciliation…

She now feels that rape was not about sex at all, rather it was about control and doing it without consent which made her feel that way. The fact of trusting others is then seen to be obsolete, and there is a sense of detachment from friends, family, and the society as a whole. Isolation becomes the only option to feel at peace.

Reactions to what has changed in her.

There are some who feel she is not ‘clean’ anymore or should be left alone without much attention. The time when she feels betrayed is when those who think she is ‘unclean’ include her parents as well. However, those with a little sense and knowledge within them know what should happen in such situations. They would show her some patience and love that she yearns for. This is how she slowly makes friends and maybe lovers.

Will you marry a rape victim?

There is no exchange of any sort of favour here by marrying a rape victim. It is just a simple reason to why any person will marry the other. It is because they want to. It is sad to think that we live in a society that feels strongly about marrying a rape survivor to be an atrocious thought.

Humanity displayed by Jitender Chhatar.

Jitender, a resident of Jind, Haryana, married a gang rape victim while breaking all social stigmas. He not only married her but also made her enroll in law education to seek justice and help others. The survivor earlier tried to pursue Jitender to marry elsewhere. However, he was determined not to change his decision and not bother about how it may affect his social life. These instances should be just the start of a revolution that needs to come our way.People with such thinking are required at times like now. Brutality is extremely high, and it needs to be decreased as soon as possible with the change in people’s thinking by educating and making them aware of what is important in life.

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